Media Walls

Media Walls Explained

What is a media wall?

A media wall is a hard-paneled backdrop (solid standing wall) which displays a pattern of logos, used at red carpet events for the purpose of taking photos of celebrities and VIPs.

What is the difference between media walls and step and repeats?

These two terms can be easily confused. The IDEA is essentially the same. They both are a form of backdrop with printed logos used for photo opportunites at events. We like to think of media walls as different from step and repeat backdrops. Although some people categorize them as the same thing.

Step and repeat backdrops are usually a smaller size, made out of vinyl banner material, and attached to a banner stand.

Media walls are usually larger and applied to a rigid board. A large media walls is generally 8' high and 40' long but they can be made taller (10') and as long as needed. They are very professional looking and are used for larger, red carpet events. These media walls are printed and applied to a very smooth, hard surface. You see these rigid media walls on TV during the Academy Awards or Oscars with big name celebrities posing in front.

Step and repeat banners can be used for small events or large events! They are universal and easy to
set-up. They are attached to a banner stand and are usually no more than 12'-20' wide.

Other names for it
Media walls can also be called Press Walls, Papparazi Walls, Media Backdrops, Flats, Step and Repeat Boards, Step and Repeat Walls, Step and Repeat Gatorboards, etc.

When should I use a media wall?
High-end events with top celebrities and VIPs. Anytime you want a more professional set-up. If you are looking for a sleek display with no wrinkles.

Different types of media walls

Our Specialty

Seamless, stretched onto wooden frame. A-frame supports in back. Very sturdy, very professional


Gatorboard panels (8' x 4' panels fastened together to create wall)

Pipe and Base

Banner fastened to pipe and base stand. Pole pocket on top of backdrop and grommets on the side.


Banner fastened to truss structure via grommets all around.

Media Wall Angles

We can create walls with different angles such as an L-shape or even 4 walls to create a "room".

Fabric Stretch Display

Fabric stretchy material that fits over frame like a sock. Easy to set-up and transport. Great for tradeshows, indoors, and repeated use.

Triga Display

Much like the Fabric Stretch Display above...stretchy material that fastens to sturdy frame and is stretched taut. This frame is more high-quality and can be configured to be shorter or longer, or have different angles.

Step and Repeat Backdrop

Fabric or vinyl material that fastens to a telescoping stand or pipe and base stand via pole-pockets and grommets.

Living Media Wall (3D media wall)

3D logos, images or letter protrude from the wall giving a 3D effect.